Mule ESB is a lightweight enterprise service bus and integration tool based on Java technology which allows an easy connection of different applications regardless of the technology or platform being used by those respective applications. This means that a .NET based application can easily communicate with a PHP based application and vice-versa using Mule ESB. Mule ESB basically acts as the pathway for data communication between the applications involved. Due to a very lightweight and flexible architecture, Mule ESB leaves a very small footprint and is scalable enough to work in various different environments.

The key features provided by Mule ESB are:

  • Integration between applications of various platforms
  • Message routing and filtering based on fixed rules
  • Support for around 50 different protocols which include JDBC, POP3, SMTP, HTTP etc.
  • Data transformation across multiple protocols
  • Design, exposure and arbitration of services and components which can be reused significantly
  • Support for multiple web services and the associated web service specifications
  • An architecture which is lean, robust and fault tolerant leading to very efficient performance

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