SRIK business integration software consulting practice specializes in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), Complex Event Processing (CEP), Master Data Management (MDM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). We often use these technologies together to modernize legacy application architecture and support mufti-channel user experiences such as portals, B2B APIs, social media and mobility applications.

Our services create a coherent architecture on which to rationalize and modernize legacy systems, automate and optimize business processes, and improve data quality and accessibility. We create flexible architectures and service-oriented business applications that enable enterprise agility.

SRIK has been practicing the SOA approach for over more than 6 years and we have built systems that include hundreds of business services for Fortune 500 companies. These systems are some of the largest and most complex SOA implementation in the world.

Through our many client engagements and rigorous capture of best practices, we have built SOA methodology, patterns and standards that are unrivaled in the industry. Our SOA methodology covers the complete services lifecycle from strategic concepts such as roadmaps and governance models to standards for development, testing and running large-scale SOA infrastructures.

We partner with the leading software vendors in the industry including Microsoft, Yahoo and many others. We have captured and created best practices and standards for these technologies and have a process for customizing these standards to our client’s needs.

SRIK supports TIBCO’s entire product line including:

  1. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  2. Business Process Management (BPM)
  3. Business Optimization
  4. Master Data Management (MDM)
  5. Complex Event Processing
  6. Analytics and Visualization(Tibco Spotfire)

We provide clients with proven expertise in TIBCO products, utilizing TIBCO technology to link legacy and leading-edge systems to large-scale integrated IT structures with absolute connectivity across the enterprise.

SRIK has built a SOA product suite of reusable components and processes for the TIBCO product line including:

  • SOA methodology
  • Quality assurance and regression testing tools
  • Real-time application monitor and exception handler and infrastructure monitoring and management solution